About Me

People call me Shanmuham.
Yes am Shanmuham.S
Born and Brought up at a small (still its small only) village in Nagai Dist. (Earlier Tanjore District)
An ardent devotee of Shri Aurobindo and Shri Mother.
Ready to accept and welcome CHANGE. . .
I did B.Sc. Statistics in Annamalai, Chidambaram.1976-79 (any one there?) Senthil, Rajendran, Sukumar, Dhayalan, Gnanaguru, Renuga and Vaidy . . . .
Got very good experience in share trading, learnt a lot (lost a lot tooo)  of course anyone can learn till life time. Great Experience. . . wont forget Harshat Mehta period . . .
 I like reading a lot. . . so dont find time to write.. . (good excuse?)
I watch Cricket, (admirer of Dhoni, one can do research on him), Love to follow Chess Championship (reason, my friend Sudha) Anand another humble man, even after many successes.
I like writer Sujatha, Balakumaran and Jeffrey Archer and now Chetan Bhagat.
Love to guide and help beginners to start Share Trading.
I am Happy for having great friends and relatives, (Thanks Shri Mother).


Vikkee said...

Short yet interesting personal profile page Shan :)

Deepak Karthik said...

I am from THANJAVUR and my parent's follow Aurobindo and Mother, i like dhoni damn a lot and i am an ardent fan of Sujatha novels sir :)
Coincidence !

Shanmuham S said...

Thanks Deepak, For stopping by and reading, i too saw the remarkable coincidence. . . you may also follow Shri Aurobindo and Mother. Visit Ashram.
all the best to you.