Oct 27, 2009

2G Spectrum

What is 2G Spectrum?

2G is ‘Second Generation’ wireless telephone technology.

After the launch of 2G, we tend to call the earlier basic service as 1G.

2G obviously more efficient on the spectrum allowing for far greater penetration. In 1G network signals are analog while it is digital in 2G.

It increases system capacity as digital voice data can be compressed and multiplexed more effectively, thus allowing more calls to be backed into the same amount of radio bandwidth.

Most importantly the digital system emit less radio power from the handsets.

Also, we all know digital means increased sound quality.

Beyond 2G there is 3G (Third Generation) Higher data speeds and 4G in developed countries.

The first Pre-Commercial 3G or Third generation was launched in Japan by NTT DoCoMo in Japan in May 2001.

In India MTNL started 3G enabled mobile service in 2008.

There is going to be auction for 3G in India soon.

With Government FDI norms relaxed, Google is intending to bid with an Indian partner. 

for detailed reading visit http://www.three-g.net/

you may also refer wikipedia

Oct 8, 2009


Sensex watch will give us how we miss opportunities.

sensex closing

8th Oct ‘09        16844 up by 37 points

8th Oct ‘08         11328 down by 367 points

Sensex October 2008  Low is 8510  (on 27th Oct ‘08)

This will give us an idea how much we miss an opportunity to cash in.

Many investors stopped watching or following the market when the market was moving downwards.

Every fall is opportunity to invest (Buy).

Another Example is March 2009.

Be a disciplined investor. Follow market on daily basis.

You must watch the price of your holdings everyday.

Have target price and book profit.

Set Stop loss and adhere to it strictly.


Oct 6, 2009

TIN - Tax Information Network

TIN is Tax Information Network of Income Tax Department.

It is a repository of Nationwide Tax related information and has been established and managed by National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) on behalf of Income Tax Department of India.

One of the services by TIN-facilitation Centers (TIN-FC) is Form 26AS. It is a facility for PAN holder for viewing his annual tax statement.

One need not wait for his Form 16 or Form 16A to know his Tax Deducted at Source (TDS).

It is updated on Quarterly basis.

All PAN holders can register online.

Cost involved is Rs 17, if you visit the TIN-FC center or Rs 117 if TIN-FC official visit you for PAN verification.

Register and enjoy. very useful . make use of it. never spend for this thro’ any agency. you can do it yourself.

visit TIN NSDL

Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation, what does it mean?

Accumulating money for a future goal. (saving)

It should beat inflation.

There are many ways.

(Bank FD, RD, Company Deposits, Post Office Saving schemes, Insurance Plans, Mutual Funds, Gold and Land) - the order has no significance.

Every one has his own priority.

But all should have exposure to Mutual Fund. One of the best ways to invest in Mutual Fund is SIP. (Systematic Investment Plan).

Small investments made regularly can become Big sums over a period.

An investment of Rs 1000 per month over a period of 33 years (that is from age 25 to 58) shall grow to over Rs 87 lakhs at 15% rate.


The smart way to invest in stock markets.

  • No need to time the market.
  • Get better rupee cost averaging.
  • Low risk and Better returns.
  • Instills discipline in Investing.
  • More choice and facility to switch to performing fund. 

Oct 5, 2009

Trading Thought

This is what experts and broker houses insist about share trading,

Whenever you are tempted to do

what everybody else is doing;


It seems, no one is following


Oct 3, 2009

Quote – quoted by many

“You must be the Change, you wish to see in the world”


This one is quoted by many people in their speeches.

i like it too. 

Oct 2, 2009

Think it over

Look inside

and you will see

if your actions

are just and true

You are here

for a purpose

You haven’t

forgotten, Have you?

Thanks TOI

Remembering Mahatma

I feel, on this Special Day, remembering him is must for every Indian.

He was and is inspiration for many world Top leaders and also to many Individuals. (Martin Luther King to Obama, Beatles to MJ).

I would like to present here the song “They Killed Him” from album ‘knocked Out Loaded’ first written by Kris Kristofferson.

My God, they killed him

There was a man named Mahatma Gandhi

He would not bow down he would not fight

He knew the deal was down and dirty

and nothing wrong could make it right away

But he knew his duty and the price he had to pay

Just another holy man who tried to be a friend

My God, they killed him !

Thanks TOI