Dec 31, 2008


31st Dec closing
SENSEX 9647 (-69)
NIFTY 2659 (-20)

Intraday High 9825.90
Intraday Low 9587.92
Year High 21207
Year Low 7697
hope 2009 bring in prosperity.
All the very Best.


Wish You and Your Family a Very HAPPY and PROSPEROUS New Year .

May GOD shower His LOVE and COMPASSION on all of US.

am much pleased to say "THANKS" at this special hour for the continuous support you are giving over the years, thro' this post.

Dec 30, 2008


30th Dec  Closing

SENSEX 9716 (183)
NIFTY 2980 (57)

most of the indices end in high.
experts feel the bad is yet to come.
watch out. 

Dec 29, 2008

ELSS - Best option NOW

Among Tax Saving Investments,

ELSS (equity linked savings scheme) is the best option now.
Markets are at a lower(!) level now.
If you buy now, after 3 years (lock in period) the return will beat any other traditional rate of returns.
For tax saving, think of ELSS.

NAV(29th Dec 08) of some of the schemes (Growth option)
  • Birla SunLife Tax Plan 7.18
  • DWS Tax Saving Fund 7.657
  • DSP Tax Saver 8.048
  • Fidelity Tax Advantage 9.658
  • Franklin Taxshield 98.309
  • HDFC Tax Saver 97.561
  • HSBC Tax Saver Eqity 7.416
  • ICICI Pru Tax Plan 55.89
  • IDFC Tax Saver 7.251
  • JM Tax Gain 4.250
  • Kotak Tax Saver 9.425
  • Reliance Tax Saver 9.829
  • SBI Magnum Tax Gain 30.60
  • Sundaram BNP Taxsaver 24.162
  • TATA Tax Saving Fund 27.62
  • UTI ETSP 20.99

Watch List

Successful ways to invest in Equity
(For Beginers)
  • Create a Watch List of 20 cos.
  • (There are more than 5000 cos listed in the exchanges)
  • On trading days note down the closing price of the stocks in your watch list.
  • (in an EXCEL file)
  • Also keep SENSEX and NIFTY in your watch list.
  • You may Add or Remove cos from your watch list according to its performance.
  • Buy only 5 to 6 cos out of 20.
  • Fix Target and Stop Loss price when you buy.
  • Adhere to it Strictly.
  • Invest only 30% of your Funds at any time.


29th Dec Closing
SENSEX 9544 (215)
NIFTY 2930 (73)

Dec 28, 2008


26th Dec Closing
SENSEX   9329 (-240)
NIFTY      2857 (-60)

US markets end positive.

watch out ONGC (640.90)

RGF - Return Guarantee Fund

ICICI prudential Life introduced Return Guarantee  Fund (RGF) on 22nd Dec.
This is another option for ULIP plans.
Plan opened on 22nd Dec'08.
There is a minimum guraranteed return on the First year premium for those opt for this fund.
The minimum guaranteed NAV is Rs 15.03 on 20th Dec'13.
You may switch out to other options anytime on the NAV value.
you will miss out guaranteed return if switched before 20th Dec 2013.

Dec 25, 2008


Tax rates
for Accounting Year ENDING 31st March 2009.

  • Upto 1,50,000 NIL
  • 1,50,001 to 3,00,000 10%
  • 3,00,001 to 5,00 000 20%
  • Above 5,00,000 30%
For Women upto 1,80,000 Nil.
For Senior Citizens uoto 2,25,000 Nil


24th Dec closing.
SENSEX 9569 (-118)
NIFTY 2917   (-52)


(25th trading holiday)


ICICI Home Finance Company Limited offers
11.15 % p a interest on 15, 20 and 30 months deposits for less than 15 lacs.
11.5 % p a for senior citizens.

for mor than 15 lacs, 12 % p a.
Probably this may be the highest rate offered by a housing finance co.


10.5 % INTEREST p a for 390, 590 and 890 days Deposits.
Interest is compounded quarterly.
(annual yield is 10.97 % on 390 days and 11.2 % on 590 days)
Senior Citizens get 0.5 % more

Hurry rates may come down.

Dec 21, 2008


Index Funds are from Mutual Fund AMCs
  • Funds collected by AMC will be invested in that particular index stocks in the same ratio.
  • You are buying the index.
  • It is like Buying a basket of stocks.
  • Investments in Index Funds are cost effective.
  • Entry and exit loads are there but very low compared to other equity oriented funds.
Open ended /all AMCs have various index based funds.


Investments in ETFs

E T F : Exchange Traded Funds

  • These are funds or Plans from Mutual Fund houses.
  • In traditional MF plans, you buy or sell from the Fund Houses (AMCs).
  • Here in ETF you buy and sell from the Exchange like you trade in any other stocks (shares).
Gold ETFs

  • Gold ETFs are from Mutual Fund companies .
  • It is investing in Gold in DEMAT form.
  • The Funds collected thro' NFO (New Fund Offer) are invested in GOLD. (and normally one unit is one gram or half gram).
It is one of the very good Investment options.
  • Liquidity is very much there.
  • Low cost.
  • Good for both short term and long term investors.
  • (You need Demat and you have to buy thro a Broker. yes ofcourse you have to pay Brokerage)

To know more about ETFs visit ETFs in the nse website.

Dec 14, 2008

ICICIDirect 3 in 1 online share trading account

open a 3 in 1 online share trading account with icici securities limited

you get 
1. Savings Bank account
2. Demat account
3. Trading account

one time account opening charge Rs. 975/-
annual demat charges Rs 450/ + service tax

you get no QAB maintenance SB  a/c.
enables online 
EQUITY trading  / DERIVATIVES trading / MUTUAL FUNDS investments
call 9841287024


Gold ETF

ETF - Exchange Traded Fund

Gold ETF list

Mutual Funds select

SHANs Recommendations

 Scheme NAV on 12dec08
HDFC top 200   87
Franklin Blue chip 95.55
ICICI Dynamic 46
Sundaram Select focus 49.3


My first article
this is knowledge sharing......
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This is just the beginning........