Nov 22, 2009

Web Sites and Blogs

I would like to share some of the sites and blogs for following.

This may be useful to some extend,to start Equity trading and to invest in Mutual Funds.

My humble opinion is “Never spend on TIPs”

There are so many good people to share their knowledge and experience through  Blog writings.

This new generation and their habit of blog writings is exciting.

The Tip Blog

The Finance Blog

Invest Smartly

some web sites you may visit for trading tips.

Equity Master

Value Notes

for Mutual Fund analysis

Value Research

Money Control

Strange Stories  ( not a finance blog)


Nov 10, 2009

What to buy now ?

It is as usual volatile market now.
No one can predict the trend in this kind of market conditions.
Is it time to buy or sell ? Billion dollar question ! !
My Feelings:
Don't invest in Small and Mid Caps.
Wait and watch for a week and buy only NIFTY and BSE at every fall.
Hold what ever you bought earlier which is not in a big loss.
Buy now to average what ever you had bought earlier at a high cost.
Don't sell unless there is more than 20% profit.
Don't sell now, if you can hold it till March ‘10.
Some Recommendations:
Reliance Capital, Alstom Projects, UTV Software, Tech Mahindra, IFCI,